Everything shown in PlayStation’s State of Play broadcast

Everything shown in PlayStation’s State of Play broadcast

PlayStation’s July State of Play broadcast included new details on Death Stranding’s PS5 Director’s Cut, a reveal for Moss: Book 2, a delay for Sifu and a lot of Deathloop.

The 30-minute show kicked off with Moss: Book 2, a second chapter of cute virtual reality mouse adventuring coming to PlayStation VR.

We have a good look at the game and a chat with developer Polyarc on what to expect (more puzzles! more emotions!) and what not (no multiplayer!) in our Moss: Book 2 reveal story.

Next up was Arcadegeddon, a PS5 and PC multiplayer shooter out in early access today. It’s being developed by Illfonic, the studio behind Predator: Hunting Grounds.

We got a quick look at Hunter’s Arena, a battle royale already available on Steam which is now headed to PS4 and PS5.

Next was a look at Tribes of Midgard, and its post-launch bits and pieces. Season one, The Wolf Saga, adds a new rune system, quests and season-exclusive items.

An update on Sifu, the hand-to-hand combat game from Absolver developer Sloclap, revealed a delay to “early 2022”.

Jett: The Far Shore, a space adventure from Superbrothers, continues to look intriguing. There was confirmation of a 2021 launch, which is vague but something.

FIST: Forged In Shadow Torch launches for PS4 and PS5 on 7th September:

Sega’s The Demon Slayer arrives for PS4 and PS5 on 15th October:

And we got a good look at Yakuza spin-off Lost Judgment, also from Sega, with its English voice acting:

Death Stranding’s PS5 Directors Cut includes new story missions and, bizarrely, a racing mode. We also got a release date: 24th September. There’s a bunch of new combat additions, gadgets and other bits and pieces too.